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ARCHIVE OF NEWS, 2001 - 2007:

December 25, 2007: Happy New Year!

Best holiday wishes to all MAAK members, all Akhal-Teke breeders and amateurs. Let the coming year 2008 be safe and prosperous, foaling and breeding go smoothly, training and competitions bring new success to Akhal-Teke breed. We are looking forward for fruitful meetings with Akhal-Teke friends around the globe in 2008.

MAAK board

July 29, 2007
Preliminary program of Heavingly Argamak 2007 is updated.

July 22, 2007
Among races for "The cup of the President of Russia" the race "Russian Argamak" for 1800m was held on June 30, 2007, hippodrome of the city Rostov-on-Don. Akhal-Tekes from Russia and Turkmenistan met at the racetrack!!! Results and video of the race.

July 10, 2007
Dear friends!
We invite you to the X international sport meeting “Heavenly Argamak” that will take place 23-25 August at sport complex “Planernaia” and 26 August at horseback riding club “Otrada”, Moscow. Read more...


July 09, 2007
Please, note the change of dates for All-Russian championship of Akhal-Teke horses in Piatigorsk. Due to the reconstruction of the hippodrome the event is moved to October, the exact dates will be fixed later on.

June 24, 2007
The schedule of Akhal-Teke events in Russia for Summer 2007 is published at our calendar page. Finally in 2007, after a long intermission, several participants from TURKMENISTAN will take part in some of MAAK events in Russia.

We are looking forward to see many of you in Russia this year. Welcome to the Akhal-Teke championships and races in Russia!

May 26, 2006
The regional exhibition of North-West zone “North Star”. St.Petersburg, “Lenexpo”, May 6, 2006 gathered many viewes and had a big success. Names of the winners are...

May 17, 2006
In 2006 International Selection and Breeding center of Akhal-Teke breeding of VNIIK together with Association of Akhal-Teke breeding (AATK) runs several events for evaluation of Akhal-Teke horses for type and exterior (international and national championships) and testing of Akhal-Teke horses for work qualities in different sports: races, classic equine sports, and several days endurance races. We invite all interested parties to take part in our events. See the schedule of events.

December 28, 2005
X volume of the Closed Akhal-Teke Studbook is published!


July 11, 2005

  Dear Friends!
We are happy to invite you to the VIII International Sport Meeting “Heavenly Argamak” that will take place in Moscow, Olympic Sport Center “Planernaia”, August 20-21. In the program:

- show-rings of purebred Akhal-Teke horses “World Championship 2005”
- for the first time show-ring of Donchak horses “Golden Horse”
- Show-jumping
- Dressage
- Endurance
- Test Caprilli
- Turkmen races
and many other interesting events

Besides the above, the guests will have a chance to buy hand-made amulets for horses and many other things, have a horseback ride, take a picture with the champions of the rings and watch lively entertainment in the intermissions.

If you wish to participate and need a visa/trip support, please, send your full name, postal address, phone/fax and e-mail to Nadezhda Abramova, executive director of MAAK.

Looking forward to see you at “Heavenly Argamak 2005”!

June 11, 2005
See MAAK grading rules and the schedule of MAAK events -2005.

July 29, 2004
See results and pictures from "V Russian Championship of Pureblood Akhal-Teke horses", Piatigorsk-2003, Russia. The VI Russian Championship will take place in Piatigorsk, September 9-12, 2004.

July 13, 2004
We have uploaded the program of the VI World Championship "Heavenly Argamak", Equine Sport Center Planernaia, Moscow, Russia, August 13-15, 2004.

June 2, 2004
CALENDAR is updated, check the schedule of MAAK Akhal-Teke events for 2004.

October 19, 2003:
See results and pictures of the First International Virtual Breed Show, Moscow 2003.

September 20, 2003:
We are uploading results of the V-th World Championship of pureblood Akhal-Teke horses "Divin Argamak 2003", Moscow, August 15-17, 2003. See results of the show rings here.

July 02, 2003:
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June 12, 2003:

See the news about World Championship 2003, read about VIRTUAL SHOW FOR THE TITLE “Virtual World Champion” and about Video advertisement of your horses during our Event.
Dear participants of the Meetings and Championships! Please, be advised that some changes of the rules and regulations of the meetings have been done. Several new events have been included in the program of the International Akhal-Teke Breed Show and Sport Meeting... (more)

May 12, 2003:

MAAK celection and breeding center with a great sorrow inform about the death of Maria Danilovna Cherkezova. She passed away on Aplril 2, 2003 at the age of 84 years old. Read the article about this outstanding woman without whom we cannot imagine Akhal-Teke breeding in Turkmenistan in the second half of the XX century.

February 20, 2003:

See schedule of Akhal-Teke events for the year 2003 at the calendar page.

October 30, 2002:

Results of IV World Championship of Pureblood Akhal-Teke horses are published. Find out who are the champions here.

August 07, 2002:

Dear Akhal-Teke friends, please pay attention that IV World Championship of Pureblood Akhal-Teke horses and V International Sport Meeting of breeders and amateurs of Akhal-Teke horses is relocated to Olympic Sport Center “Planernaia”. The dates of the event remain the same - August 23-25. Read the updated program here.

July 12, 2002:

Dear Akhal-Teke breeders and fans! All Russian Research Institute of Horse-breeding (VNIIK), Association of Akhal-Teke breeding (AATK), Equine Sport Center "Bitca", Museum of Horse-breeding (Moscow) and Hippodrome of Piatigorsk invite you to the IV World Championship of Pureblood Akhal-Teke horses and V International Sport Meeting of breeders and amateurs of Akhal-Teke horses, August 23-25, 2002, Moscow, Russia and to the X International racing meeting and IV Championship of Russia amoung Pureblood Akhal-Teke horses. Read the program here.

July 6, 2002:

Championship of Azerbaijan among Akhal-Teke horses, Baku, July 14-16. All Akhal-Teke people and interested guests are welcome to Baku, the capital of sunny Azerbajian and the new important place on the map of Akhal-Teke land.
Program of the event:
July 12, 13 - meeting guests
July 14 - performance and races of akhal-teke horses
July 15 - exhibition of horses
July 16 - closing evening event
Contact phones in Baku: (+99412) 474505, (+99450) 2103638

June 22, 2002:

Attention to Akhal-Teke breeders! We know that many of you would like to visit IV WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF PUREBLOOD AKHAL-TEKE HORSES AND V INTERNATIONAL SPORT MEETING OF BREEDERS AND AMATEURS OF AKHAL-TEKE HORSES in Moscow, August 23-25. If you need our official invitation to obtain Russian visa, please send us the following information about yourself: full name, date of birth, permanent address, number of the passport and dates of validity. The biggest Akhal-Teke event of the year is coming soon, do not miss it!

May 12, 2002:
Turkmenistan has invited the Vice-president of MAAK, leading scientist of selection and breeding center, Dr. Tatiana N. Ryabova to continue the work with Akhal-Teke breed together with Turkmen breeders and specialists. Dr. Ryabova will make a 2 weeks work-trip to Turkmenistan in May. Please, check out our news section again for the information from Turkmenistan - the motherland of Akhal-Teke breed.

May 01, 2002:
Attention all Akhal-Teke breeders and fans! There are some changes in the schedule of important Akhal-Teke events 2002, see our "Calendar of Events". Now you can plan your summer trip to Russia and CIS to visit our important events. Contact us for details.

April 02, 2002:
New additions to the site:
- membership pages are finally open;
- calendar of events is updated;
- answeres to some frequently asked questions are posted to the site;
- pictures added to articles about the breed.

March 23, 2002:
Traditional Akhal-Teke show in Polling (Germany) will be hosted at the regular place on June 8-9, 2002. All Akhal-Teke breeders, owners and fans are invited to join the meeting and follow the tradition, established by Hans Miller.

March 04, 2002:
Hans Miller MAAK and AATK with a great sorrow inform that Hans Miller, one of the oldest friends of Akhal-Teke breed has passed away.
We grieve together with his family and friends. Memory about Hans Miller will live in the hearts of German Akhal-Teke breeders, and also in the hearts of Russian breeders. Mr. Hans Miller imported the very first Akhal-Teke horse from Russia to Germany, he was a founder of German Association of Akhal-Teke breeders and friends (ACHAL TEKKINER ZUCHTER UND FREUDE). During 20 years his riding school was a warm home for regular German and European Akhal-Teke show.
The great person is not with us anymore, but there are his beautiful horses, his friends, and we hope that his work will be continued by his followers. Memory of Hans Miller will always live in our hearts.

February 16, 2002:
Officials from Turkmenistan informed that on February 1, S. Niazov, President of Turkmenistan, dismissed Geldy Kiarizov, general director of government horse-breeding enterprise "Turkmen-Altary" from his position for "serious drawbacks in his work". More information on this issue available on

February 15:
Official agent of MAAK in Europe is Illauer Barbara - member of MAAK from 1996. She may be contacted at:
Tel/Fax : 0881 / 21 25;
Geistbuhelstr. 25/1
82362 Weilheim / 06b

February 04:
Protocol of AATK Conference-2002: Read it here.

January 14-17:
The conference of AATK (Russian Association of Akhal-Teke breeders) took place in VNIIK (All Russian Research Institute of Horse Breeding, Ryazan). An official report is coming soon. Among major news - the conference decided to stop using AI until the new regulation for the limited use of AI in purebred Akhal-Teke breeding is ready. The document should be finished during this year. A complete official report about the AATK conference will be uploaded to this site shortly.


December 17:
Our CALENDAR is updates with the events for the year 2002. Exact dates with be added soon, but you can already see what's planned. Click here

November 23:
We have added more interesting articles to the site:
1)All Russian Scientific Reasearch Institute of Horse Breeding (VNIIK) and it's role in Akhal-Teke breeding. Read it here!
2) Regulations of the State StudBook of purebred Akhal-Teke Horses (GENERAL STUDBOOK) Read it here!
3) GENERAL STUDBOK. Copywrite. Read it here

November 8:
Results of "Championship of Dagestan" - Click here!

Moscow 2001 November 4:

Pictures from the "III World Championship of Akhal-Teke horses", Moscow 2001, are added to the site.
Click here!

September 7-8:
International race meeting, show of pureblood Akhal-Teke horses "Championship of Russia", Piatigorsk, Russia. Expecting results and pictures...

August 25-26:
III World Championship of Pureblood Akhal-Teke horses and IV International Sport Meeting of breeders and amateurs of Akhal-Teke horses in Moscow had great success. Here you can review:
- Schedule of the event
- Results of the breed show: complete list of the champions!
- Results of the sport competitions: dressage, two-days event and endurance (results of show-jumping and movements evaluation are still to come...)

Championship of Azerbaijan August 15, 2001:

Show of pureblood Akhal-Teke horses
"Championship of Azerbaijan", July 2001.
Pictures are here...

August 15, 2001:
"…Then followed ten of the sacred horses, known as Nisaean, in magnificent harness… where horses of unusual size are bred…" Read about mysterious history, majestic conformation and outstanding sport qualities of Akhal-Teke horses in the our new chapter - "Akhal-Teke breed".

August 10, 2001:
We would like to recommend you a company, that can help you to visit Moscow for the Biggest Akhal-Teke Event in the word. If you need help with your visa or hotel accomodation, airport transfer - please, contact Mrs. Olga Tcucanova from
"Tourist Club at Moscow Vet. Academy named afer Skriabine",
phone/fax: 7-(095)-3779461.
Please, call/fax now in order to get your visa in time!

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