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International Association
of Akhal-Teke Breeding (MAAK)

International Association of Akhal-Teke breeding - MAAK was registered in Moscow, April 5, 1995. Registration number 2213-1.

Major founders of MAAK are Russian Association of Akhal-Teke breeding (AATK) and All Russian Institute of horse breeding (VNIIK). Also a founder - horse breeding stud-farm "Akhal-Urt" (Turkmenistan).

President of MAAK: Saparmurat Niyazov (Turkmenbashi),
president of Turkmenistan;
for Turkmenistan affairs
Geldy K. Kiarizov,
general director of
"Turkmen-Altary", Turkmenistan;
Vice-president for selection and breeding work with the breed Tatiana N. Ryabova,
VNIIK, Russia
Phone: +7-(4912) 24-0265
E-mail: vniik at
Executive director:

Nadezhda V. Abramova,
VNIIK, Russia
Phone: +7-(4912) 24-0265
E-mail: maak at

Secretary: Yulia N. Kuznetcova,
Museum of horse breeding,
Moscow, Russia
Phone: (495) 9761003

There are collective members of MAAK, such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and also breeding farms and private owners from Germany, Austria, USA, Great Britain, Australia, Italy, France, Turkmenistan and many other countries.

Members of MAAK enjoy the following benefits:
-free consultations on keeping and raising Akhal-Teke horses,
-discounted price for selection work with their horses,
-discounted price for registering their horses,
-special books/booklets for 50% of the price and other valuable benefits.

The main purpose of MAAK is to unite breeders and amateurs, of Akhal-Teke horses from different countries, who are involved in breeding pureblood and partblood Akhal-Teke horses or in other ways take part in the preserving and perfection of Akhal-Teke breed.

Main tasks of MAAK are:
1) preservation, protection and perfection of pureblood Akhal-Teke breed, it's breeding purity, original type and working qualities;
2) Control of primarily selecting and breeding work
3) Consultation about breeding and raising of Akhal-Teke horses;
4) Increasing popularity of the breed and distribution of information regarding breeding of Akhal-Teke horses;
5) Increasing of competitiveness of Akhal-Teke breed among other sport breeds, assistance in expansion of the breed in the world.
6) Development of international contacts and cooperation between CIC countries and foreign organizations, companies and private persons in the field of Akhal-Teke breeding.
7) Participation in congress, symposiums and other events corresponding to the activity of the Association.
8) Realization of other activities, appropriate to the purpose of Association and not forbidden by the current legislation.

Address of Selection and Breeding Center
and Executive direction of MAAK:
(All-Russian Institute of Horse Breeding)
391128 Rybnovskij district
Ryazan oblast,

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